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The impending redirection of the Space Program and the subsequent impact on both local and personal economies may provide many within the workforce with a great opportunity and impetus to transition from an aerospace career into a new industry.

For some, this might be the occasion to pursue that "dream job." For others, it may be possible to take advantage of your existing levels of training and experience to migrate into one of several high-technology industries blossoming in the local area.

Consider one of the industries we've identified as providing the most opportunity:

• Biotechnology
• Environmental
• Biomedical / Life Science
• Automotive
• Electronics
• Telecommunications
• Geospatial Systems
• Healthcare
• Aviation
• Computers / IT
• Modeling & Simulation
• Construction

Emerging Industry Spotlight

Modeling & Simulation (MS&T)
MS&T has more than doubled its growth since the National Center for Simulation's release of its Impact of Florida's Modeling, Simulation and Training Industry brief in 2003. MS&T skills have a cross-section of application in InfoTech, Aviation and Aerospace, Defense & Homeland Security as well as promising applications in other emerging markets. The Florida High Tech Corridor has one of the largest clusters of MS&T companies in the entire U.S., with more than 2,500 organizations doing business in the public and private sectors, employing more than 36,000 people and with a total payroll that exceeds $2.1 billion.

For more info and videos on modeling and simulation engineering positions, click here.

Regional Scope:

National Center for Simulation (NCS)

NCS is located in Orlando, FL with membership of over 150 firms, associations, academic institutions and individuals nationwide forming a network of simulation experience and expertise. NCS formed in 1993 as the link among the defense industry, government, and academia on behalf of the entire MS&T community.

Lockheed Martin (Simulation, Training & Support Division)

Lockheed Martin is a leader in the growing Modeling & Simulation field and projects continued growth and employment in its Simulation, Training & Support Division throughout the country, including its nearest facility in Orlando, FL. Lockheed Martin has committed assistance with determining future skill sets needed for employment within the modeling and simulation division of Lockheed.

Industry Focus: Healthcare

Careers Have Many Entry Options in the Healthcare Industry
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, health care will generate 3 million new jobs nationally between 2006 and 2016 - more than any other industry. Seven of the 20 fastest-growing occupations are in health care.

Brevard has a strong health services sector with three health care systems, six hospitals and one more on the way, several large physician groups and specialty service providers and countless individual doctor's offices, physical therapy centers, cancer care centers, walk-in clinics, urgent care clinics, eye care centers, hearing centers, clinic labs and many variations of diagnostic centers just to name a few.

There are also a growing number of providers offering elective services such as cosmetic and plastic surgery, dermatology and aesthetician treatments, lasik and refractive eye surgery, weight loss procedures including LAPBAND and gastric bypass surgery, and pain management.

Employment opportunities come in many forms as well.
  • One-, two- and four-year degrees in health services administration
  • Non-clinical positions includes certifications for positions such as coding and billing specialist
  • Site managers and service line managers
  • Nursing: Medical Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse
  • Many forms of healthcare technicians: medical lab technicians, diagnostic technicians
Local higher learning centers including Brevard Community College, Florida Institute of Technology, Keiser University and University of Central Florida can help you explore the wide variety of career path options that all lead to health care.

Careers Outside Aerospace

Professional Careers

Forecast Growth in Brevard

Accountants and Auditors: 1.52% Annual Growth; 67 Annual Openings

Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing Clerks: 1.95% Annual Growth; 111 Annual Openings

Business Operations Specialists:
1.55% Annual Growth; 75 Annual Openings

Executive Assistants: 1.09% Annual Growth; 70 Annual Openings

Financial Analysts: 3.44% Annual Growth; 318 Annual Openings

Financial Managers: 1.20% Annual Growth; 11 Annual Openings

Paralegals and Legal Assistants: 3.30% Annual Growth; 20 Annual Openings

Personal Financial Advisors:
3.90% Annual Growth; 11 Annual Openings

Public Relations Specialists: 2.04% Annual Growth; 54 Annual Openings

Healthcare Industry

Medical Technicians
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Brevard Workforce
Programs funded through Brevard Workforce, formerly Brevard Job Link & Brevard Workforce Development Board, Inc., are equal opportunity programs with auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities. This material was prepared by McBride Woodbridge Marketing for Brevard Workforce under award 04-79-06065 from the Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. Employees of NASA contractors and subcontractors please note that per NASA Procurement, attendance at workshops shall be done on personal time and shall not be charged to work hours or administrative leave hours. Participants must meet criteria for eligibility for the Aerospace Workforce Transition (AWT) Program and must register for an Employ Florida Marketplace account at prior to attending a workshop or receiving services.