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New Space Programs Demand New Skills

What is the future for employment in space? A study conducted by Brevard Workforce in 2008 concluded that the direction in aerospace is going from reusable vehicles to expendable man-rated launch systems. This shift combines technology that retains high reliability and safety, but uses considerably less man power.

More easily maintained and operated with a far smaller workforce, space programs will require shifts in workforce functions including advanced specialists, analysts, engineers and integrators in:

  • Advanced avionics
  • Embedded systems testing
  • Monitoring functions
  • Advanced microprocessors
As a result, more skills are needed in:
  • Spacecraft systems design and engineering, especially in advanced avionics
  • Launch vehicle structural design for maintainability and operability
  • Launch vehicle reliability and quality assurance design
  • Advanced computer software design and software integration
  • Advanced microprocessor design and engineering for space systems
  • Advanced environmental control and monitoring system design
  • Human and machine cognition design and interface
  • Advanced space program management and cost, schedule and technical performance measurement
  • Advanced group support systems design and engineering
  • Space mission planning and mission modeling and simulation
  • Robotics and man/machine modeling and simulation
  • Remote interoperability of lunar surface equipment
  • Lunar life support science
  • Environmental systems design
  • Advanced flight control systems design
  • Materials bonding technology
  • Embedded sensor systems/self test and measurement systems
  • Advanced battery and power systems design and interface
  • Advanced propulsion design and handling systems

Staying in Aerospace?

Technical Education Available at SpaceTEC®

SpaceTEC®, the National Science Foundation's Center of Excellence for Aerospace Technical Education, is the focal point for providing aerospace related post-secondary technical education for aerospace employees. SpaceTEC® and its industry partners offer programs that prepare aerospace technicians to become Certified Aerospace Technicians™. Additional information about SpaceTEC® related activities can be obtained by calling the SpaceTEC® Headquarters at (321) 730-1020.

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Brevard Workforce
Programs funded through Brevard Workforce, formerly Brevard Job Link & Brevard Workforce Development Board, Inc., are equal opportunity programs with auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities. This material was prepared by McBride Woodbridge Marketing for Brevard Workforce under award 04-79-06065 from the Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. Employees of NASA contractors and subcontractors please note that per NASA Procurement, attendance at workshops shall be done on personal time and shall not be charged to work hours or administrative leave hours. Participants must meet criteria for eligibility for the Aerospace Workforce Transition (AWT) Program and must register for an Employ Florida Marketplace account at prior to attending a workshop or receiving services.