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As the Space Shuttle program moves toward its 2010 retirement, regional leaders are engaged to manage the economic impact of this change with the immediate goal of retaining this highly-skilled workforce in our region. The Space Shuttle/Constellation workforce has qualities valued by the management in any industry. This includes a high quality work ethic, process and safety disciplines, strong loyalty, pride in their work, and a culture of precision performance.

The business community can also help this effort by being an active part in the process.

Step 1
Register and post open positions on
Step 2
Tell us what type of employees you need in your workforce - either immediately or in the coming 6-24 months.
Step 3
Guide us about the specific skills you need so we can train employees to be ready to work right away.
Step 4
Contact us first before looking outside the area for employees - the aerospace workforce is diverse, with skills ranging from facilities management, technicians, and administrative to project leads, engineering, analysis, procurement and management.
Step 5
Give us your feedback that can help us identify areas that need to be part of our strategic goals.
We need your help to spread the word across the region to other businesses on the many initiatives underway to address the issues with this transitioning workforce. Remember, for every job lost in aerospace, two more jobs are lost in the private sector.

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National Emergency Grant

On-The-Job Training Inquiries

Businesses from Brevard to Tampa can now take advantage of a Department of Labor National Emergency Grant awarded to Brevard Workforce. The grant, in part, underwrites salaries for businesses that hire Space Coast residents laid off as a result of the end of NASA's Shuttle program, extending to workers inside and outside of aerospace. It is designed to help businesses with most of the funding targeted at the On-The-Job-Training (OJT) program.

If you think your business may be interested in hiring a candidate through the OJT program, please complete our National Emergency Grant On-The-Job Training Inquiries form. Brevard Workforce will review the applications and contact you in the July/August 2010 timeframe.
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Programs funded through Brevard Workforce, formerly Brevard Job Link & Brevard Workforce Development Board, Inc., are equal opportunity programs with auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities. This material was prepared by McBride Woodbridge Marketing for Brevard Workforce under award 04-79-06065 from the Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. Employees of NASA contractors and subcontractors please note that per NASA Procurement, attendance at workshops shall be done on personal time and shall not be charged to work hours or administrative leave hours. Participants must meet criteria for eligibility for the Aerospace Workforce Transition (AWT) Program and must register for an Employ Florida Marketplace account at prior to attending a workshop or receiving services.